Adaptations for Motability Vehicles and WAVs

You may require adaptations to be fitted to your chosen Motability or mobility vehicle to enable you or your passengers to use it. In some cases, you may wish to add supplementary control or access equipment to that already fitted.
As specialists in the supply and fit of such adaptations, we will discuss your needs and provide options for the most suitable products for you. The options we offer are supplied by renowned, quality manufacturer partners.

Hand Controls
Olympian Scooter Hoist

Hand control, driver and wheelchair access adaptions can be made to most models, whether new or used. We will ask a range of questions about your needs and then recommend a range of options which balance cost effectiveness against flexibility in use. Some adaptions can be fitted free of charge via The Motability Managed Adaptations Programme (MMAP).
Although we will ask questions and offer advice, the final decision on the best accessibility options for your vehicle will always be yours.
Manufacturer-Trained Technicians
Our trained technicians fit all of the driver and access equipment you choose. Coupled with using leading equipment brands, such as Alfred Bekker, Autochair and Lodgesons, you can be sure in the knowledge that you and any passengers will be safe.
What Hand Controls, Driver and Wheelchair Access Equipment Can You Add?
There is such a wide range that we are only able to show more popular items below. The full range is constantly changing as new or improved products are regularly launched.
Please contact us if you cannot see a driver aid or access adaptation to suit you or your passengers needs. It is almost certain the adaptation you need is available but not shown here:

Hand Controls

Wireless and Electronic Controls
Push-Pull Accelerator & Brake Controls
Easy Release Gearstick
Easy Release Handbrake

Foot Pedal Adaptations

Left Foot Accelerator
Pedal Extensions
Pedal Guard

Wheelchair & Scooter Access

Side Access Underfloor Wheelchair Lift
Rear Wheelchair Access Manual Ramp
Scooter Hoist
Wheelchair Hoist
Chair Top Box

Passenger Accesss

Milford Person Hoist
Manual Fixed Tip Up Plate
Electric Tip Up Plate
Rotating Car Seat
Automatic Rear Door Opener

The above controls and adaptions are just a few of the many available.
Please call 01633 485858 or use our Contact Form if you cannot the aid or adaptation you need, or if you would just like to get some advice on the options available to you.
We are here to help and look forward to your call.